Why I Hate Bucharest

I hated Bucharest the minute I set foot in it years ago.

I hated the craziness of big city life that surrounded me all of a sudden.

I still hate the mix of people you see on the streets from businessmen in a hurry to stylish girls sipping coffee in the sun to the jolly, carefree students.

I hate i that they make it impossible to have a boring walk.

I hate  that this city is never quiet, not even in the hot summer days.

I hate that we have the privilege of experiencing all the four seasons with all their perks.

I hate  how each year, the first snow makes people happy even if they know that the next morning its going to be hell to go to work.

I hate  that everyone who lives in Bucharest is complaining all the time but defends it against any alien who dares to say something bad about it. That’s just not allowed.

I hate when I meet expats that came to visit Bucharest for different reasons and didn’t want to leave it. I always hate it so much when I listen to why they love it here.

I hate the sheer feeling of joy and pride when I see tourists taking pictures and how they seem to be enjoying themselves.

I hate  that we have the coolest clubs at the best prices in Europe.

I hate  that people know how to party nice and wild at the same time (you need to see it in order to understand it).

I hate  that it was voted a destination on the rise on Tripadvisor.

I hate how tourists come here for Dracula and Ceausescu’s Palace and discover a lot more than that.

I hate  how its history is so complicated and interesting that makes Game of Thrones plots seem child play.

I hate how this history created a city so full of contrasts that it continues to amaze even the people born and raised here.

I hate  how these people are an ever flowing source of information and are immediately willing to help newcomers.

I hate  how they make fun of the people coming from other cities but easily embrace them as one of them.

I hate  how smoothly and unknowingly you start loving Bucharest.

I hate how children-friendly all restaurants are, no matter how many stars they have.

I hate that more and more places are becoming smoke-free.

I hate  that there’s always something to do: a concert, a show, a party, a hand-made fair, you name it!

I hate  that hobbies are so affordable here.

I hate  that parks are full of people jogging or biking. And I definitely hate that I see people switching from cars to bicycles. I hate it so much that I want to try it too.

I hate Saturday morning walks around the Old City center.

I hate it when I see another beautiful old building restored.

I hate that Bucharest is close to the sea and even closer to the mountains making spontaneous escapades possible.

I hate it how my mother enjoys her visits here and all the hip cafe’s I take her to.

I hate it how the parks are so delightful that my dog seems in a permanent state of euphoria whenever I take her out to play.

I hated how 15.000 people protested in Bucharest against a mining project that would have heavily polluted a region in Transylvania.

I hated how civilized were the people protesting that they even gathered the litter afterwards at midnight.

I hate  how it becomes the place where more and more people venture into entrepreneurship and found quality-oriented businesses.

I hate  that people are creative and like to explore their talents. Proof of that is in the karaoke bars, the multitude of handmade fairs and Facebook full of urban photo’s.

I hate  that one of those photo’s won the Sony World Photography Awards 2014 for its section.

I hate  how everybody speaks good English and most of the times a second language too.

I hate  how much people love going to the theater here and that museum fees are so cheap its hilarious.

I hate  how everybody reads on the subway on their way to work.

I hate  that although fast food is everywhere people still prefer slow cooked food.

I hate how vegetarians are not frowned upon but taken as positive examples and basically all restaurants started to include veggie dishes in their menus.

I hate  that living in a city that can be ugly at times taught me to appreciate beauty.

I hate  that the traffic is so heavy I learned to drive on all kinds of situations.

I hate  that any other city in Europe is so near that week-end breaks in another country are something simply doable.

I hate  how everyone is comfortable enough to feel themselves and I definitely hate how easily you find you belong here.

I hate  how this city takes insults and people calling it ugly and then throws something amazing in their way just to prove them wrong.

I hate  that no matter how far I’ve traveled there is still no other city that I want to live in.

For all the reasons stated above and possibly others I will always hate Bucharest.


2 thoughts on “Why I Hate Bucharest

  1. find-replace “hate” cu “love” peste tot si o sa ai un articol decent. Asa cum e acum e prea “pretentios”, prea multa pregatire pt “figura de stil” din final. Sunt curios daca are cineva rabdare sa citeasca tot:)

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